Scam escort agencies websites

A scam escort agency website is designed to recruit new escorts, not sell their services.  The two key things that sell escorts are the gallery (profile) of escorts, and prices. If they were really creating profiles to sell their client’s services, they would be able to name a different associated (service selling) site upon which the profiles would appear.

Many of the scam sites have galleries hidden behind a member’s area, which is used as an excuse for clients not being able to access their profile the agency claims was ordered. Real escort agency say that hiding the gallery isn’t normal business practice, because they want to easily showcase the girls, to entice paying customers to call.

Those suspected scam sites that do have galleries show rather ordinary looking and sometimes rather unattractive individuals. A traditional escort gallery have much more explicit, sexy pictures to sell the services.  Their gallery not only has provocative pictures, they divide their girls in to types such as Petite, Busty etc. which is also another common feature of real escort services.

Scam sites promote themselves through online ads on Google or online classified jobs:

If you do a Google search on:
“    Escorts vacancy
“    Escort jobs
(Oddly entering “Escorts” bring no ads.)

You will see many of the scam sites appear both via the Google ads and the search results. That is because real escort agencies don’t spend money advertising for new recruits, they advertise to attract clients.  If you do a search on escorts you will find a different set of results with real escort agencies listed.

Escort work involves performing sexual favours 95% of the time. If an agency tells you that no sexual favours are involved then they are a scam.

Men – there is such little demand for women wanting male escorts. Real escort agencies do not have men on their books. If an agency tells you that they are looking for men to take business women out, that is a warning sign you are talking to a scam agency.

Thinking about working for an escort agency?

There is nothing glamorous about escort work. If you have images of Pretty Women, then there is nothing further from the truth.

The biggest escort agencies in London charge £130 for a booking. The girls wait in an office until someone books a girl. The girl is taken to the appointment by a driver. The girl gets approximately £50, the driver gets £30 and the agency gets £50. That fee buys the client sexual favours.  A girl can expect to 2-4 bookings a night working 10 hour shifts.

There are other agencies that target a more up market cliental. The girls are usually booked in advanced. These agency charge more so the girls earn from £100-£400 for a several hour booking. There maybe very exclusive agencies where girls get paid even more. However, that market is very small and they select their own women. Again, the client expects sexual favours. 

If you have been a victim of an escort scam report it to Consumer Direct

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